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    Glass and metal visions

Metallbau Früh organisation – we are pleased to present ourselves

In 1905 Metallbau Früh GmbH was founded by blacksmith master Anton Früh. During the following generations the former blacksmith and wrought iron-company developed into an innovative specialist metalwork company, working internationally.

Amongst others our manufacturing programme comprises of:

  • Facades from metal and glass
  • Roof constructions from metal and glass
  • Metal windows and doors
  • Sun protection systems

The Metallbau Früh organisation has a focus on bespoke building envelopes from aluminium, steel, stainless steel, bronze and glass, which are tailor made independent from common profile systems according to our Client’s desires. The use of our own profile systems and the constant development allows a high flexibility in construction and design. Geometries, materials and construction types are almost unlimited. Depending on the respective technical and architectural requirements we are able to serve a vast diversity of demands.

The Metallbau Früh organisation is guaranteed state of the art and possess of all necessary equipment and machines for design, fabrication and installation of metal constructions. All areas are staffed with skilled and qualified employees, which guarantee competent advice, smooth order processing and a supreme quality of our products.

Under the technical and commercial direction of managing director Dipl.-Ing Anton Früh the Metallbau Früh organisation engages approximately 120 employees.